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Introduction Of Jaw Plates

Jaw plates are wear-resistant parts inside jaw crushers; earlier jaw plates were made of cast iron and ordinary hardened steel. These materials not only low hardness, poor wear resistance, short life expectancy, and toughness is not good, often broken. Until the late nineteenth century, the British Hadfield Hadfield succeeded in the invention of [high manganese steel Mn13], this excellent performance actually wear-resistant material has been as the jaw on the stage the number one protagonist, the scenery for more than 100 years, Has not diminished that year. In addition to high manganese steel, the jaw plate material there are still [pearlite high carbon alloy steel], [pearlite high carbon steel], [martensitic alloy steel], [pearlite pearl], [low carbon high chromium white iron 】, 【Martensite Ni-Cr white iron and manganese iron ductile iron】 and so on. There are also early years of Tang water machine developed inlaid double metal jaw.

The new composite jaw casting with a new high-performance composite materials, more than three times the life of ordinary jaws, breaking the new material has always been wear-resistant castings only high manganese steel castings up to only 1.5 times the service life of the record This is another leap forward in research and development of new materials in our country, and also indicates that breakthroughs have been made in the planning of emerging industries in China's building materials industry.

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