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Information Of Bucket

This refers to the installation of the excavator on the use of the bucket, also known as digging bucket, according to the work is divided into backhoe bucket and shovel bucket, the commonly used is the backhoe bucket.

Divided by material suppliers: standard bucket, bucket and rock fighting to strengthen

Bucket structure

Bucket is a structural member of the products, from the tooth plate, floor, edge panels, wall panels, hanging ears plate, back plate, ear plate, bucket ear sets, bucket teeth, tooth seat, guard plate or bucket angle and other spare parts Therefore, welding is the most important bucket making process. The welding quality directly affects the structural strength and service life of the bucket.

Production and equipment

Bucket production processes include cutting, car, milling, drilling, forming, welding, grinding, sandblasting, spraying and other processes.

Bucket is a special industrial equipment parts, special equipment needed to be efficient, high-quality operations, such as: CNC plasma cutting machine, groove milling machine, Bending Machine, welding positioner, boring machine.

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