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Information Of Jaw Crusher Parts

Jaw crusher parts can also be called jaw crusher wearing parts, is an important part of the jaw crusher; in a certain period of time need to be replaced.

Can be divided into jaw crusher edge guard, jaw crusher tooth plate, jaw crusher brackets, V-belt and so on.

Jaw Crusher Side Protector Side Protector is located between fixed toothed plate and movable toothed plate. It is a high-quality high-manganese steel castings. The main body of the jaw crusher is to protect the jaw crusher rack wall.

Jaw Crusher Tooth activities Jaws and fixed jaw are high-quality high manganese steel castings, in order to extend its service life, its shape is designed to be symmetrical, that is, when one end of wear adjustable head. Activities tooth plate and fixed tooth plate is the main stone when crushing, movable tooth plate is mounted on the movable jaw to protect the movable jaw.

Brackets are accurately calculated castings. It is not just force transmission components, but also the insurance components crusher. When the crusher falls into an unbroken material and the machine exceeds normal load, the toggle plate breaks immediately and the crusher stops working, thus avoiding damage to the entire machine. Bracket and toggle pad using rolling contact, under normal use rarely rubbing, just apply a layer of grease on the contact surface can be. The entire part is used to adjust the size of the discharge port, as well as to compensate for wear between the jaws, brackets and brackets.

V-belt is in the motor transmission power, by the V-belt connected to the motor pulley and sheave, drive the eccentric shaft, the moving jaw according to a predetermined trajectory for reciprocating motion.

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