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Introduction Of High Chrome Grinding Media Balls

High Chrome Grinding Media Ball is also called high chromium alloy cast ball, high chromium steel ball, referred to as the high chromium ball. At present, the majority of domestic wear-resistant materials business is the main electric furnace as the main body, through a reasonable match after the high-quality scrap, chrome alloy material for smelting; and the hot metal microalloying and quenching; coupled with a unique metal mold, Sand mold casting molding process; and then quenched by high temperature + martensite after martensite to achieve high hardness and wear resistance.

At present, most of the mines in China use low-chromium steel balls as grinding bodies. However, due to their low strength, poor quality and lack of good wear resistance, most mines in the country are easily crushed during the beneficiation process, resulting in greatly reduced overall benefits. Low chromium steel ball market price slightly lower, but from the comprehensive economic analysis, higher cost chromium ball higher. Test results in various mines show that: the original low-chromium ball with a wear of about 2.0Kg, producing 1 million tons of concentrate powder to 2000 tons of low-chromium ball, with a total value of 12 million yuan; the use of high-chromium ball, wear about 1.0Kg, the price of 9500 Yuan / ton, producing 1 million tons of concentrate powder 1000 tons of high-chromium ball, with a total value of 9.5 million yuan, saving 3.5 million yuan. In addition, the Phoenix-shaped production of ZQCr10 common high-chromium ball, reflected in the cost of tonne concentrate powder consumption is 9.5 yuan, while the use of low-chromium ball, reflected in the cost of tons of ball ball is 12 yuan, 3.5 yuan, the production of 1 million tons of concentrate powder can save 3.5 million yuan, its economic benefits are impressive. High chrome ball wear resistance is ordinary low chrome ball and forged steel balls more than 2 times. Due to the low abrasion performance of special high chromium ball for this mine, the grinding efficiency is high, the gradation of steel balls in the mill is not likely to change easily, not only increasing the fineness of ore powder to a certain extent, Yield, but also to ensure the quality of ore powder. At the same time, it prolongs the period of supplementing the ball and greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers. In particular, it greatly reduces the number of supplementary balls.

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