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The coal enterprise will make changes in its transformation 4

The concept changes silently

The promotion of various changes reflects the changes in the concept of coal people silently, and the spirit of the times is internalized in the hearts of coal people and is externalized.

"People-oriented" from language to action. Shandong Energy Jujube Mining Group under the 9 mine to cancel the night shift, the weekend weekend rest system, while the systematic underground wells down to explore a more humane and more efficient way of production change, the end of the coal workers "two Not see the sun "history. Qinglongsi Coal Mine of Shaanxi Coal Group implemented the "three centralization" mode of centralized production, centralized overhaul and concentrated off-duty, and eliminated zero classes through optimizing production organization. Kailuan Group takes the health care cost of employees as an example and constructs a four-level guarantee system for employees 'health by participating in medical mutual aid activities for major diseases of employees and strengthening measures to prevent and control major diseases among employees. Prevention, treatment and prevention are combined to protect employees' health in all aspects.

Skill talent is gradually valued. Anhui Huaibei Mining Group to employ not less than 200,000 annual salary master craftsmen to long-term incentives to solve the low level of wages of coal miners, coal mine serious loss of talent issues. Xu Mining Group to contract chief chief skill masters.

With the advancement of production capacity, the national coal structure has been adjusted profoundly, and coal production capacity has been concentrated in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province. Changes in industrial structure, so that coal enterprises embrace change, learned cross-regional cooperation. Shaanxi Coal Group and Chongqing Create a New Mode of Energy Cooperation among "Logistics Investment + Resource Guarantee + Index Replacement". In this way, the new capacity of Shaanxi Coal Group will be released. As a result, the pattern of commodity markets in the southwest has been changed. This has played a positive role in guiding and demonstrating the promotion and promotion of coordinated development in the northwest and southwestern regions.

Among the changes, stepping on the pace of history, coal companies continue to move forward. Overall improvement in operating efficiency of the coal industry. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first 11 months of 2017, the revenue from the main business of the coal mining and washing industry was 2355.39 billion yuan, up 29.4% from the same period of last year and the total profit was 271.76 billion yuan.

The improvement of the profit benefited not only from the positive changes of coal enterprises, but also made the pace of change of coal enterprises more firm and laid the material foundation for solving other problems.

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