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Caterpillar introduces a new generation of parts brands

Caterpillar's construction machinery products have always given the impression that the high quality and high prices, but in recent years as competition continues to intensify, Carter construction machinery products are no longer as in the past than a large proportion of similar products.

Caterpillar recently announced the launch of a new generation of parts brand Yellowmark, to ensure that convenience and reliability of the premise to provide users with more affordable parts choices. Yel-lowmark will initially support small and medium-sized equipment in the construction industry, initially including the repair and replacement of spare parts, and the maintenance and wearing of spare parts in the future. Of these, more than 5,000 Yellow-mark-branded parts are available through Cat dealers.

Different from the car industry, construction machinery parts and components do not go up, the price of natural high. Therefore, Caterpillar is also constantly adjusting in recent years. After all, the supporting industries are now so developed that they do not need to produce anything by themselves. In particular, experienced a recession a few years ago, Carter is adjusting in all aspects, some efforts quite big, including layoffs, closing factories, etc., these measures also reduced the size of self-produced components. At the same time more important, the strategic direction is also adjusted. The new CEO has said that the future will focus on stock, aftermarket and services, not just staring at new orders.

Yellowmark can be said that one of the specific performance of the new strategy, Carter claimed that Yellowmark components designed by Carter engineers, and did not mention the manufacture, so the underlying line is likely to be that these parts commissioned by other manufacturers. So, both to ensure compatibility, reliability, but also reduce the price, can be roughly understood as the main factory of the appointed vice factory parts. According to Carter, Yellowmark will coexist with Carter's genuine parts and remanufactured parts, meaning that there will be no major factory-appointed vice factory parts later on, Yellowmark is the main factory.

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