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Dongguan smart equipment industry is gradually breaking the core components of technical barriers 2

Recently, the city's economy and information technology in Dongguan City to create intelligent manufacturing full eco-site on-site meeting, Bo Real Ruixin Robotics Equity Investment Center, Clear Water Bay Venture Fund companies to sign a strategic plan for Dongguan some high-quality robots and intelligent equipment Business investment shares.

Dongguan City gathered more than 400 robotics and intelligent equipment enterprises in 2016, the output value of more than 35 billion yuan, the city's industrial robot research and development and manufacturing enterprises account for about 10% of the total. However, at present, the key technologies such as the core components of industrial robots are still mainly imported.

In the continued independent innovation of core components, in the face of the current equipment manufacturing industry in Dongguan more and more, Dongguan enterprises with capital for technology, brand and time, on the one hand to achieve rapid industrial restructuring and upgrading, on the other hand get through the industrial chain upstream and downstream And overseas sales network, in order to achieve rapid growth bigger and stronger goal.

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