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How to improve the wear resistance of the jaw plate of crusher where to start?

Analysis of wear resistance of jaw plate of crusher We start with the principle of the jaw plate.

The jaw plate of the crusher consists of a movable jaw plate, a fixed jaw plate, an eccentric shaft and a thrust plate, and the upper part of the movable jaw plate is connected with the eccentric shaft. The lower part is supported by the thrust plate. When the eccentric axis rotates, the movable jaw plate is not only oscillating on the fixed jaw plate, but also along the fixed jaw plate.

From the working principle of jaw plate of crusher, the wear resistance of the jaw plate should be improved from its material. The main material factor to control the wear of the jaw plate is its hardness and toughness, and the good toughness material can resist the fracture phenomenon during the working process, so that the deformation process of the jaw plate is increased greatly before the deformation fatigue formation grinding.

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