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Four Key Elements Of High Quality Wear-resisting Castings

Wear-resistant castings at home and abroad users, the quality of wear-resistant castings more and more fierce market competition, which prompted the development of high-quality wear-resistant castings.

High quality wear-resisting castings should have the following elements;
A. Wear-resistant casting materials should be reasonable, in line with wear-resistant characteristics, casting structure to be refined, evenly distributed (to ensure good mechanical properties);
Two. Casting metallurgical quality to achieve pure purification, especially grain boundary metallurgical quality (to ensure that the wear uniformity, clean green castings);
Three. Casting to be near purification, casting quality to be sound (to ensure that high-quality wear-resistant castings);
Four. Use performance to achieve safety, reliability, durability, economy (in order to improve competitiveness, commodity value, economic efficiency);

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